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White Paper - The Leader Being Strength Indicator

An embodied method for assessing people’s talents
PresenceAtWork’s Collectief Leiderschap aanpak focust zich op leiderschap ‘embodiment’ en pakt complexe uitdagingen aan door gebundelde krachten. Cruciaal hierin is de Leader Being Strength Indicator© (“LBSI©”), een assessment methode waarin het lichaam centraal staat. Deze paper legt uit hoe LBSI persoonlijke talenten in kaart brengt, individuele en team prestaties beïnvloedt, en mensen voorbereidt op een hoger niveau van leiderschap.

Andere publicaties

Ardanta Case Study - A New Model for Organisations

This is a compelling story about how a small insurance company in the Netherlands reinvented itself after the turbulent 2008 global financial crisis. It shows the remarkable outcomes the company achieved by introducing PresenceAtWork's Collective Leadership programmes throughout their organisation and the profound cultural shift it generated. 

White Paper - The How-To of Vertical Leadership Development

In 2015, Nick Petrie, the senior faculty for the Centre for Creative Leadership, interviewed 30 experts worldwide about vertical leadership development. Among them were PresenceAtWork's co-founders Roelien Bokxem and Jane Weber. Their Leader Being Strength Indicator ("LBSI") is cited in this paper.  

Article - Latest Hype: Theory U

In his 30 years in leadership, a management team never became so smooth and so fast. This is what Europeesche's CEO Gerard ten Brincke says in an interview with Management Team Magazine about his experiences with PresenceAtWork's Collective Leadership programme. Employee engagement increased over 40% in the year all his managers attended, of which the organisation attributes at least a quarter as a direct result of the programme.