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How our participants are impacted

Read what people are saying about their experience with our programmes and about the impact of Collective Leadership.

"This program was a welcome journey of discovery and reflection. A great opportunity to pause and revisit values and strengths, some of which had got lost in my work routine. A clever program with creative, original approaches to personality assessment and team constellation. A program with impact!"

Arjan Dobber
Vice President & Head of Tax, Lenovo

"An experience where my exploration of infinity and eternity was taken a step further, in the context of collective leadership."

Lizette Cohen
Director Open Programs, Nyenrode Business University

"Collective leadership is essential to creating a sustainable future.  We will get there eventually, and this program recognises and builds the group intelligence and dynamics to bring us to a much better world sooner rather than later! What a great way to move forward!"

Melissa O’Mara
Vice President, Schneider Electric

"Recognising the authentic core enabled me to understand my behaviour and impacts to others.  Allowing co-creating to achieve a greater cause."

Elisa Kwan
Management Consultant

"A deep experience of being, sharing and co-leading with each other. Way to live, work, play and be in the world."

Dorota Florczyk
Technical and Industry Learning Leader Major Markets, IBM

"The PAW team are incredible at developing teams to realise their full potential. You can see people grow during the Retreat. It is a wonderful programme, very inspirational. It builds a collective through action, reflection and, most importantly, teamwork. Helps people to develop and grow."

Rachel Cooper
Marketing Executive, Schneider Electric
United Kingdom

"I have never experienced what I have experienced this year. I have been in management teams for 30 years and this is the first time that things are so smooth, so easy so fast. My team takes ownership, they listen to each other and are willing to lead and follow."

Gerard ten Brincke
CEO, Europeesche

"Revealing in a very inspiring and physical way. I learned a lot about myself."

Pierrette Gaasbeek
Unit Manager, NMA

"Great journey in discovering yourself.  You discover your contribution to a team (in the most broad sense) by first learning about yourself.  The program was a great eye-opener and taught me a lot of things about myself and others.  The great warmth of the team and the group kept me going.  REALLY GREAT."

Gertjan van Heertum
Owner, Pulsatrix Software

"I have created so much peace in my head and heart. I feel so grounded. By slowing down, I am able to observe much better and add quality contributions to my team and organisation. My contributions are much more spot on. I see so much clearer what is needed and what I can add."

Jan Hagen
Team Manager, Europeesche

"The strength indicators gave me a real insight into how I behave and how other people behave and how we can work together for a great outcome."

Phil Gough
Owner, Bellevue Financial Services

"Self-awareness and the ability to feel and sense the emerging future has truly catapulted me forward. Ongoing co‑creation with others is enabling me to attain new levels of innovation and personal fulfilment."

Frank van Driel
Owner, Frank van Driel Photography

"Collective Leadership allowed me to physically experience my impact on others and slowed me down so I can sense what is going on and capitalise on opportunities as they present themselves. Great learnings."

Ruta Asimus
Executive Coach, AsAml Coaching

"This programme has been hugely valuable for my personal and professional development. It is an extremely comprehensive programme, carried out to the highest professional level. An intelligent, insightful, compassionate and empowering programme."

Anne Marie Dobber - Maher

"This year has been the personal TOP year of my life. In all my years
- career wise, but also in my private life - I have never felt like this. I am extremely happy and confident. I can apply these concepts everywhere. And I so enjoy the co-creation with my peers and colleagues."

Michel Klaver
Team Manager, Europeesche

"An interesting "out of the box" way to look at teams and how to help develop them into a collective, acting with success!"

Gert-Jan Nijman
Owner, Jungle Trail

"I'm privileged and proud to have completed this programme. It has inspired me to become 'fully expressed, fully engaged and fully owning impact, holding the shared purpose'. It's a year since and daily I experience the outcome. Thank you so much! Let's henceforth, co-create from the emerging future."

Annemarie Bekker
Communications Consultant, Anne Frank House

"In all my experience as Manager and HR Manager this program delivered the most crucial and lasting results. Focusing on the collective, the future and the individual strengths this program helps to form a high performance management team."

Mark Schipper
HR Manager, Europeesche

"PAW successfully exposes our team to the father of challenges: the challenge of "being aware". Result is a significantly increased team awareness, reduced assumption making, and understanding of our impact and strengths. It shifted the focus from "Having to change" to "Becoming aware". Change follows in the moment. Many thanks!"

Hank Moonen
Managing Director, Tax Model

"It's an inspiring experience that enables you to gain insights into yourself, your assumptions, your impact on your environment and how to increase the impact of a collective. The program perfectly links "head" with "heart", "body" and "mind".  Very valuable for everyone!"

Petrosjan Damen
Co-entrepreneur, Kirkman Company

"Being able to join this programme at the age of 23 was a real privilege. I learned what my leadership qualities are and how that can help a team to co-create. PAW teaches you to be fully present, aware, and expressed and to find out the impact that both you and others have. This experience will continue to be a great help in my life."

Jorn Wolfs
Associate Consultant, Tax Model

"An experience that really rocked my world. This programme gave me insights into parts of myself I did not understand, or that I was not aware of. The methods used and exercises performed during this programme might at times seem odd, but are highly effective and most of the time fun to do (which is what co-creating is also all about!)"

Gerwin Dekkers
Project Manager Tax & ICT, Tax Model

"PAW masters the art of supporting teams to really shift behaviour. They now how to create the circumstances for change to happen in a way that it actually sticks. Also, being present has been a game changer in my life: I used to be so scattered. These days I am able to focus my attention and add the best of who I am to my team."

Gerard van Zuilekom
Head Sales-Marketing, Ardanta

"The design and build-up of this programme is just excellent.

The journey is just amazing and this experience has enriched my life, in both a personal and a professional way."

Maaike Aarts
HR Manager, ASR

"High impact programme, where you have the opportunity to explore your personal potential and strength. With PresenceAtWork it becomes possible to actually step into that potential, using it to maximise your contribution to the team. Knowing when to lead and when to follow really has had an impact on our team."

Carlijn Timmermans
Executive, Ardanta

"PresenceAtWork made me fully aware of the power and possibilities of leading and co-leading in a collective… the power of oneness. The power of oneness is connecting with other people, knowing when to lead and when to follow, and creating new possibilities."

Eline Duine
Coach, Demilise Management Services & Coaching

"The collective leadership training has proven to be an amazing journey! The programme is challenging and confronting at times; it has brought me very valuable insights and knowledge. I have never experienced this in the many previous management trainings I went to in the 25 years of my professional life. Thank you!"

Guido Horst
CEO, Ardanta

"I am amazed by the impact on me and my fellow Allies. I recommend this programme to anyone who seeks to develop and improve themself and the environment they act in. It was insightful, liberating and confronting. It is one of the best investments in yourself and your organisation."

Sybren Sierksma
Team Manager, ASR Bancair

"I feel good; I know more; I have an advantage. 

These things came to me through my participation in the PresenceAtWork programme. I am forever changed and I wish this amazing experience for everyone."

Lisa M Baker
Senior projectmanager, Genesys
United States of America

"This course creates the perfect environment to learn what it is to be truly authentic as a person, as a leader, and understand the impact that has on a team. It is a journey of learning by doing and a great opportunity for personal and professional growth."

Natasha Jennings
Freelance marketing communications specialist

"In 2014 I was part of the Collective Leadership programme: a very valuable experience that was very insightful for me. It helps me to be more at my own potential and to help others reach their potential."

Ernst van Donselaar
Team Manager, Europeesche

"I really want to thank you for developing this amazing programme. I know that the corporate world needs change. I sense an urge for more happiness, satisfaction and fulfillment from executives and employees. Now I know how this transformation in the workplace can happen: this programme is definitely an answer!"

Anna Bronner
Leadership & Personal Coach